Process Improvement for Strategic Objectives (PISO) ... workplace creativity, driven by strategy PISO is approved and accredited by The Institution of Analysts and Programmers

What is PISO?

PISO is a unique method for improving business processes, developed at the University of Sunderland. It provides a rapid means of designing real change in the workplace. Whilst it began almost by accident, it has now been used successfully in several hundred organisations, large and small. Its effects are almost always reliable, often radical. It is extremely cost-effective.

You can find out more about PISO by downloading the PowerPoint presentation below (right click over the link below and choose Save Target/Link As...), or by viewing our video clips.

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Courses delivered by the PISO team

For information on PISO courses delivered direct by the originating team from the University of Sunderland, contact us on 0191 515 2666 or email piso@sunderland.ac.uk

In seventeen years of I.T. business services, I have never seen nor used a method, paradigm nor business solution as effective, conclusive and simple, as the PISO method.

Graeme Lupton (IBM, Rank Xerox & consultant to North East Powder Coatings)

Feechan Consulting

Feechan Consulting Ltd is a fully licensed PISO Training Centre, and delivers fully accredited PISO training with the backing of the University of Sunderland.

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